JICC is provider of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), with a team of both Japanese and Filipino nationalities that follows a Japanese work cultures to obtain high quality of work output. Servicing mid to big-sized companies globally since 2009 in areas such as Telemarketing, Online Selling, Customer Support (Inbound and Outbound), Workforce Management, Finance and Account, Data Entry and Chat Support.

JICC is a part of Prosper Company in Japan, which has offices in Tokyo, Japan and Cebu, Philippines.

The main aim of JICC is to transform the client’s processes by focusing not only on cost cutting measures but also improving the entire process. This is possible because of JICC’s experience in business processes across multiple industries and clients, plus with the advantage of a Filipino English which is known worldwide to be a neutral accent and can even adapt to almost native English speakers, it’s talented and experienced team as well as by leveraging technology knowhow in other divisions of such industries.

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