Enterprises globally have embraced voice-based contact centers and BPO processes delivered from value centers like The Philippines JICC has the knowhow and experience to help its clients setup contact centers for multiple types of voice-based business processes. JICC’s team has demonstrated strong understanding, not only in delivering these processes but also managing them. Plus with the advantage of a Filipino English which is known worldwide to be a neutral accent and can even adapt to almost native English speakers.

Through working with JICC, clients generally achieve:

  • Cost savings of 30-50%
  • Lower repeat calls because of clear communication and issue resolution.
  • Process transformation through continuous learning and feedback
  • Drop in call wait times by achieving quicker resolution

There are many voice-based processes that could be done from a remote office like The Philippines. Some of the ones that JICC has expertise in include:

  • Technical Support Services
  • Inbound Call support
  • Outbound / Telemarketing Services
  • Sales & Marketing

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